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3 Places Mold Could Be Hiding In Your Home

Mold is always in the air, but it thrives in warm, humid environments with temperatures ranging between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll commonly find mold in places that are dark and damp. The following are three areas of your home where this toxic fungus could be lurking.


Unknown to you, the kitchen may be harboring mold, and not just any type either. Black mold is one of the most dangerous mold species out there, and it can grow behind the cupboards and under the sink and floorboards. Wood and tile are two of mold's favorite materials.

There are several reasons for this link between kitchens and mold growth.

  • High moisture levels

  • Water leaks

  • The presence of stale food

The cabinets above your oven and microwave are especially at risk for mold because they come in contact with the condensation made when these appliances are in use.


Bathtubs and showers provide enough moisture to attract mold, especially when the bathroom is not ventilated correctly, so you might discover the fungus growing on your floor, walls, and ceiling. Grout can easily become moldy because it retains moisture longer than tile. Cracks in drywall are another prime area for mold. If your shower water is slow to drain, note that clogs can make the pipes appealing to mold.

Most alarmingly, your toothbrush can become the perfect breeding ground for mold if not properly taken care of. Using airtight containers to protect your toothbrush may seem like a good idea, but it actually prevents the bristles from fully drying out after each use. This creates a closed-off, wet space that is perfect for mold to flourish.


Mold can grow in or under your carpeting, particularly if it's made of organic material. It typically grows in carpeting because of tracked-in dirt, which contains both mold and moisture. Mold growth under the carpeting may be due to a defect in your vapor barrier. The fungus is also more likely to grow when the carpet is in a damp area like the laundry room.

Bottom line: If you notice mold in any of these places, contact the mold remediation experts at Burns Environmental Services. We’ll remove all mold, leaving no traces behind. Call (800) 577-4009 to schedule an appointment.