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Safe Demolition Tips for Your Home Renovation

We’ve been at home consistently now for about five months. In that time, we’re sure that you’ve looked around your home and noticed a thing or two that you’d like to change…. Or maybe a room or two. Before diving into the demolition process, check out this guide of tips for a safe demolition process.

Knocking down those unnecessary walls might free up a lot more than just extra space.

Lookout for These Materials

Our building codes have not always been as thorough as they are now. As a result, your home might still contain some products that use toxic chemicals or materials.

Before and during the demolition process, look out for these materials:

  • Asbestos, which can be found in popcorn ceilings, tiles, insulation, and other places.

  • Lead, which can be found in paint, pipes, and window frames.

  • Old wiring, which is more susceptible to fraying and starting electrical fires.

Have the Right Gear

Everyone is always looking for a reason to go shopping, well a home demolition is the perfect excuse. Unfortunately, though, you’re not shopping for a fashion statement, you’re shopping for safety.

Add these items to your shopping list:

  • Thick soled boots, to avoid nails and screws.

  • Old overalls or disposable coveralls to protect your clothing.

  • Kneepads for any floor work.

  • Gloves to keep your hands safe from splinters and other debris.

  • Hardhat to keep your skull and brain safe throughout the whole process.

The best way to do a home demolition is with a team of experienced demolition experts on your side. At Burns Environmental Services, we specialize in environmental cleanup, so not only will we make sure that your space is demolished thoroughly, but also safely. The destruction of your property can stir up some nasty toxins in your home, so stay on the lookout for lead or asbestos particles in the process.

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