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Mold Testing

Mold testing is an important precaution to protect your home and the health of your family. Every home contains mold and the potential for mold to grow and cause structural damage as well as health hazards for your family. Keeping moisture accumulating areas well ventilated and keeping an eye out for physical symptoms of mold growth are important parts of preventing serious damage caused by mold.

Burns Environmental mold testing professionals are available to test your home or building for mold as soon as you suspect a mold problem. Early detection can prevent costly repairs and can prevent the mold growth from spreading and causing a serious health problem. Although most adults have an immune system capable of fighting toxic mold, young children and the elderly are at high risk of serious health problems and even death if mold symptoms are left unnoticed.

Apple Environmental mold testing technology and procedures include:

  • Infrared (FLIR) Technology
  • Protimeter Measurements
  • ATP Swabs
  • Air Sampling
  • Surface Swabs

If you notice any mold or physical symptoms of mold growth in LA County, call Burns Environmental for immediate mold testing.