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Do I need Lead Abatement?

Lead paint is serious business. The first steps are always lead inspection and lead risk assessment. The next step is deciding how to manage lead paint and lead hazards.

Lead abatement is an option to remedy the lead paint issue. Lead abatement is designed to permanently eliminate lead paint hazards.

You have a few options when it comes to lead abatement

Encapsulation, which is often the easiest and most affordable method. Encapsulation involves brushing or rolling on specially made paint like coating which creates a watertight bond and seals in the lead-based paint. However, this option may wear off coating eventually.

Enclosure, the surface is covered with a new one, by putting up drywall or covering windowsills with vinyl. If the enclosure is ever removed, you'll have to deal with the lead paint then.

Removal is an effective option. Using a wire brush or wet hand scraping with liquid paint remover preferred. The experienced professional prefers using wet sand surfaces and electric sanders, and filtered vacuum. Another option is stripping off the paint with a low-temperature heat gun and hang scraping.

Do not under any circumstances use an open flame burning or torching machine, abrasive blasting, or power washing without a means to trap the paint and paint trips.

A few things you can do on your own, clean up any chipping paint. Clean the windows, walls and windowsills really well.

Feeling overwhelmed? You don't have to, Burns Environmental can help. We can take care of all your lead abatement needs. Give us a call today to get your quote. We are here to help!

Remember Lead abatement should be carried out by certified professionals. They will have the correct equipment and protective gear. They also know the laws and will stay within them. For more information check out Lead abatement