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Burns Environmental Services Performs Remediation for Illicit Drug Contamination Site

drug contamination siteBurns Environmental Services was contacted to perform remediation for Illicit Drug Contamination. An unfortunate landowner found that their home was being used as a PCP manufacturing facility. Testing at the interior of the home confirmed drug residue throughout. The back and side yards had also been used for dumping of illicit contaminants.

pillsBurns Environmental Services worked with the owners and the district attorney's office to properly remediate the contamination in order for the house to be sold. The entire interior home was remediated from top to bottom and 20 truckloads of affected soil were removed from the property. The entire project was completed in less than 8 working days. The work was completed ahead of schedule. All parties were very happy at the prompt and efficient work allowing for the sale of the property to close on time.