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Burns Environmental Services was called out to Safely Remove and Dispose of All Hazardous Materials at a Church in Moreno Valley after an Electrical Fire

As a licensed abatement contractor, Burns Environmental Services was called out by a Riverside restoration company to safely abate all affected asbestos-containing materials at Wesleyan Church in Moreno Valley. After following proper notification procedures required by AQMD and OSHA, BES mobilized quickly and set up nine containments.

BES removed all affected plaster, smoke damaged walls, asbestos-containing carpet, VAT and Mastic, and affected wood wall panels. The team was also able to remove, clean and save the toilet, bathtub, and vanity from one of the contained areas. All affected areas were wet wiped and hepa vacuumed. Thank you, BES for safely containing and abating all affected areas so the church could resume its normal activities. Great job BES!

Exterior of Wesleyan Church in Moreno ValleyAsbestos protection setupAsbestos dust-covered flood and walls