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Take These Steps to Protect Your Home After Water Damage

Whether you’re dealing with a flood, a leaking roof, or a broken pipe, water damage in the home can be a stressful scenario. It’s helpful to know what steps to take after discovering a problem.

While Water is Still Present

If you’re experiencing significant flooding from weather or another outside source, your first step should be shutting off the electricity. If you don’t know how to do this, or you can’t reach the switch due to the flood, it’s best to exit the home until the water levels subside.

If the flooding is coming from a leaking pipe or another issue within the home, shutting off both the power and the water is an option.

After Water Levels Have Gone Down

Removing all the water from your home may not be possible. If your area has experienced flooding, all you can do is wait for the water levels to drop. If your leak was minor and didn’t cause flooding, the water will need to remain off until a technician can arrive to fix the broken pipe.

You might assume that the home will be safe to return to after the cause of the water damage has been dealt with. This isn’t always the case. Once any standing water is gone, your home will remain wet for some time. You can use fans to create air circulation throughout the home and dehumidifiers to suck excess moisture from the air. However, this may not be enough if the water damage is extensive.

Seeking Assistance from the Professionals

The trouble with water damage is that it happens fast. Drying out your home within three to four days after the initial water damage will help you avoid any issues with mold and mildew. If you fail to dry your home at that time, you could have a much bigger cleanup job on your hands.

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