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Is it safer to remove asbestos from a building or leave it there?

Reaganomics, new wave music, the centennial of the Statue of Liberty and breakdancing were just a few of the highlights that made the 1980s unique. The ’80s were also marked by hysteria over asbestos. In the 1970s, it became increasingly clear that exposure to this fibrous material had the potential to cause cancer and other respiratory problems. Perhaps what fueled asbestos hysteria the most was the revelation that asbestos could be found just about everywhere — in offices, churches, schools, grocery stores and, worst of all, homes.

The surge to have asbestos removed from buildings and dwellings began, and governments across the globe moved to ban and phase out production of asbestos in manufacturing. Through the decades, a lot of asbestos has been removed from buildings throughout the world, but there’s plenty more still in place. And since removing asbestos is dangerous — not to mention expensive — is it better to have it removed or to just leave it alone?

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