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How to Clean Up From Meth Lab Exposure

Correct cleaning of a property must be done if it has tested positive for mold. We provide meth removal and cleaning products that improve your safety and health while living in the home. If the property was seized by law enforcement, professionals are typically called in to handle the hazardous materials. However, not all agencies use the appropriate chemicals to clean-up the toxic lab wastes.

Air out the Property

When a property is condemned for meth, it is common for the property to be locked up for months. Always allow the property to air out for a week or longer before you enter it to clean it.

Removing Walls and Carpeting

Although cleaning with the right chemicals can clean up the toxic elements, removal of the carpeting and wallboards is normally required. The toxic chemicals will become embedded within these materials, which is dangerous to your health. After proper cleaning or removal of the wallboards, add a thick barrier of paint, linoleum, or epoxy. Our meth removal product is designed in a 2-part series to correctly eradicate any traces of meth in a properly cleaned area.

Wear Protective Clothing

Protective clothing is an essential element of effective meth removal. Wear gloves, long-sleeves, eyewear, and respirators. Everything used for cleaning will be considered contaminated and must be properly disposed of to prevent toxic vapors from forming.

Checking the Property

Upon completion of the cleaning process, the property must be checked for any additional stains or problems related to meth. Contact Burns Environmental if you have questions related to meth removal and cleaning.