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Burns Environmental Services is Called to a Water Damage at a Dental Office in Palmdale

A leak at a Palmdale Dental office caused damage to the flooring and sub-flooring of the building. The affected areas contained hazardous materials that required an asbestos removal team to abate them. The job also required a quick and immediate response as the office lost money every day that it was closed for repairs.

Burns Environmental Services, a licensed environmental abatement contractor was called in to perform the work. They looked at the project the same day they received the call and started the project within 24 Hours.

Part of their scope was to detach and save all cabinets and toilets as well as to remove and dispose of the linoleum flooring and sub-flooring and ceramic floor tile. Using the appropriate signage and 6 Mil Plastic BES was able to safely abate the affected flooring as well as save the cabinets and toilets. Thank you, BES for another job well done!

Temporary ventilation system setupProtective asbestos setup inside